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This Blog was originally launched in 2008 as a place to express my views, appreciation and criticisms of the work of Jed McKenna, and as a place where discussion could take place about the ideas contained in the “Jed McKenna” books, and how those ideas correlate to traditional ideas about spirituality, as well as with our lives. Over time, I have found that I have said just about everything I need to say about his perspectives (and his perceived limitations), so my later articles have moved away from that narrow focus, and without much reference or regard to the McKenna POV.

Although that is true, I have now developed a new and deeper critique of the Mckenna perspective that has replaced the old “Realization of Jed McKenna” article. This piece will, I hope, enable the Reader to discern the flaw in his POV using practical empirical tools for themselves, rather than mere theory, beliefs, or emotion.

Hopefully, we may all learn something from each other in the process. It also turns out that it is often a pleasure to connect with people who share a similar worldview and experiences. This Blog is not authored by Jed nor does it have any connection to him.

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  • I, Cultist ~ Everything you ever wanted to know about the universal human flaw of thinking you have ‘the precious’
  • Secret Beliefs ~ A look at how beliefs are the secret director of all of our lives
  • Misplaced Ultimacy ~ And the Paradox of Backward Progress
  • Jedism – the Teachings of one “Jed Mckenna”
  • The Realization of Jed Mckenna
  • Non-Dualist Fundamentalism
  • Jed McKenna versus Free Will
  • Post-Spirituality, the New Limbo Where Souls Go When God Dies
  • Benighted, Illumined, Awake or Enlightened
  • The Enlightenment Survey – After 2 Years, Have You Awoken Yet?
  • Joy
  • Purpose
  • Old version of Realization of Jed McKenna
  • AI versus Self

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Note: Yes, we all understand that “Jed McKenna” is a fictional character or alter-ego, perhaps in the same way that “Don Juan” of the Carlos Castaneda books may have been, but that doesn’t diminish the impact that his ideas, criticisms, images and intuitions have had on many people.

Disclaimer: It seems at this time that it may be necessary to restate my role in maintaining this Blog about JM. It is not my objective to “speak the Truth”, I will leave that impossible task to the ‘Greats’ in the field. I will be speaking ‘about’ the Truth and the way it intersects with my life, and moreover, speak about all the ways which we mortals and even some of the Greats sometimes distort The Truth.

I am quite certain that no one actually can speak the Truth, but thankfully a few have succeeded in helping others with their words, in spite of that fact. I comment on JM not because I am smarter than him but because any attempt, from Lao Tzu to Ramana Maharshi to Jed, is bound by the limitations of logic and language to overemphasize some truth and ignore others in order to ‘make their case’ to an audience. Of course, there are also limitations possible in the realization of the author, as I presume their are with author of the Jed books.

My rather modest role is simply point out those kinds of limitations. So please don’t write me with Comments or emails telling me that I am a Philistine or a Pretender or whatever other New Age or Spiritual or Transcendental sin you may believe I have committed. I am not interested and will not respond.


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The Jed McKenna Books from Wisefool Press:  http://wisefoolpress.com/

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